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GENG - Malaysia's First Animated Feature

Haaa... last weekend, pi tengok cerita GENG - Pengembaraan Bermula (Gang - The Journey Begins)...

This time, went with a bigger group:
  1. Myself
  2. Wife
  3. Farhanah
  4. Umi (younger sister in law)
  5. Mak (mum in law)
  6. Abah (dad in law)
As usual, did not put that high an expectation, even tho the buzz was quite wild for the movie. I just didn't want to ruin the experience, for myself :P

Anywayz, went in, sat down at the second last row (just in front of the maksiat prone couple seats :P). In all... I found the movie to be quite good :) I won't rate it together with Toy Story, Shrek or Monster's Inc., but for a first time effort by Malaysians (Les' Copaque)... it was quite an enjoyable feature presentation :D The 3D work also wasn't shabby. Great detail was put into designing the characters, as well as other 3D objects such as houses, trucks, as well as Sapi's (the cow's) bullock cart! :D But of course lah, not as detailed as Pixar's or even Dreamwork's... I mean, Pixar has their own 3D rendering engine (Renderman)... and these companies work in the tenth of millions! Whereas geng... only used like... 4 million?

Of course, in being the first... I did realize some noticable kekurangans :P Among them are:

1. Story line - The whole story is about a few kids, getting lost in a durian orchard, then being chased by 'monsters' into a cave, then facing all the horrific 'challenges' the cave had to offer. Simple... but at times, seemed a bit shallow. Maybe because I've been used to the surprisingly creative way of Dreamworks and Pixar (especially, with the amazing story telling talents of Lasseter). That's where Geng fell short a bit. For me, it lacked some emotional depth. Maybe some things can be done here in the future :)

2. Dragging - The time it took to establish the story was a bit long for my taste. Not to say TOO LONG... but agak long jugak la :P It was quite a while for the real theme to emerge (the journey...). The authors must have thought that establishing the background of the characters was of more importance. But even THAT was lacking a bit as the main characters were not treated with that much depth.

Anywayz... even tho having some drawbacks (my point of view that is)... overall it was enjoyable. Especially for the kids. I mean, my kid liked the movie quite a lot :D And, yeah, some times when I think of it, maybe since the target are kids... so, that emotional depth thinggy might not apply that much kot...

Rating? Well... For me... I'd give a 7.89/10 :D But if I were a kid, I think it would be 8.99/10! :D

Okes. Apa2 pon, if you haven't seen it yet, then go see la!!!



MDH said...

firstly----->>> glory...glory man utd......liverpool draw lagi senang hati aku heheheheh jangan marah ok saja nak provoke orang liverpool muhahahhaa.....

Pasal movie upin dan ipin tu mmg ramai kawan2 aku reply movie ni best and ko mesti kagum dan terkejut sebab hasil lokal yang begitu diluar jangkaan. Aku tak tengok lagi movie ni, nak download kat rapidshare tarak link movie dari Malaysia :( . Aku dah tengok movie Valkyrie, mmg best and sedih citer dia. Nak bunuh Hitler punya pasal akhirnya bila ketahuan semua yang terlibat kena hukum tembak mati, sedih woooo....bila tengok Tom Cse kena tembak.....huk....uhuk.....

Alfian_Troxion said...

chaits! Glory Liberpull!!! tapi tak leh nafikan.. mmg liv men macam hampeh lawan Man City. Takde Gerrard mmg susah nak play make. tapi takpe... tawon depan cuba lagi, as tahun ni aku rasa macam dah putus asa :P

weh! Jgn aaa dload! Sokong la filem tempatan weh!!!! jarang2 orang buat 3D ni kat mesia.... lebih2 lagi yg kualiti ok cam ni. jgn dload! nanti aku repot ko kat Dr Azim. heheheheh :P

Nabil said...

ish2...citer lokal mcm ni jgn la least sapot dvd ori dia bila kuar nnt ^_^

(kalo citer apek takpe..ahaha)

aku xleh tgk mmg tunggu dvd la ni.

sumpit said...

apsal xleh tgk wayang?

Alfian_Troxion said...

pasal nak kena bantu isteri jaga anak :D tui tak mat nabil tajudin arifin nordin?

Nabil said...

et...sbb aku tak suka org ada baby bawak masuk wayang...maka aku pun taknak la diri sendiri menyebabkan org lain tak suke..kata2 mat pian tu kira separa betul la.

kalau kanak2 takpe...kalo baby kan ke susah kalo dia nak susu ke nak tuka pampers ke,sian org yg dkt2 tu. :)

ala dvd pun masih orait :)

MDH said...

Aku bukan tak sokong citer lokal ni, tapi dah ader kemudahan boleh dload aku pun gunalah kemudahan tu.....

Sedihnya Man Utd Draw pagi tadi, sok pagi giliran Liverpool lak dengan Real Madrid. Aku sokong Liverpool as long team tu dari EPL hehehehhe.....Pyan jangan lupa tengok, bukan senang nak tengok pertembungan Kelab2 elite ni. Tak tengok karang menyesal.....

azwad said...

betul betul betul..

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