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Cooking Rice and Side Dishes the Lazy BUT Healthy (and FAST) Way

Sadly, I don't have any fresh pictures for this post (I do have this recycled one though from one of my previous posts). But I would just like to share a very interesting way of cooking. I am most certainly sure that it's not novel, but I'd just like to share the convenience it can offer :)

What I like to do if I get lazy to cook side dishes (lauk pauk) separate from the rice, is by dumping EVERYTHING in the automatic rice cooker... then just let the machine do its magic! :)

Like today, Alhamdulilllaah, myself and the wife enjoyed Chicken Rice Ala Troxion with Chillies, Potatoes, Garlic and Ginger... topped up with tomatoes for a bit of volume and also sourness :) ... Not only did it turn out perfect (mainly due to some algorithm in the rice cooker :P)... all the flavors and colors of the spices and ingredients blended in nicely with the rice... Sedap pon sedap. And above all... very2 Cepat one. So so fast and hassle free :)

Curry Korma Rice with Potatoes, Tomatoes and Spices
(masak kat asrama Restu ngan Azrul Hazri Jantan)

Normally, for dishes like this, I'd firstly wash the rice (standard procedure), add some water to the desired level... then add in the ingredients such as garlic, red/white onions, some meat/chicken/fish, sauces (fish, oyster, kicap/toyu/soy, tomato or even chili... etc.). Then maybe some salt and pepper, a bit of chicken or vegetable stock... and if I have them, add in cinnamon, bunga lawang and bijik pelaga :) If desired, I add some other stuff to add taste such as curry or korma powder, and some turmeric :) ... But basically, let your creative mind go free :) But of course, normally, when ure malas, not much ingredients are available. So bubuh saja la what U think can satisfy your palette at the time :D

Anywayz, I find that this way of cooking is not only easy, but also quite healthy... not to mention again... very2 fast one :D Normally, the end product turns out looking something like oil-less nasik goreng :D And most of the time, mimics the nasik tomato or nasik minyak look served at malay weddings...

Anywayz... kot2 la anyone yg belum pernah try this style of cooking,. Can try it out!!! And if you guys or gals come up with any interesting recipes.... please do tell me :D

Oraitey.... Happy Eating and Cooking!


:: azrul hazri jantan :: said...

Haha mamat,ini bukan cara masakan orang malas tapi cara masakan yg kreatif!!! ke?..padahal main balun aje - "let your creative mind go free"..keh3.....anyway pengalaman masak kat restu mmg gain knowledge aa tentang masakan yg sihat nie..tapi sekarang semuanya lingkup since bilik kita kena serbu dek pegawai asrama.. hahahaha...... :p

Alfian_Troxion said...

aku raas betul la. dia orang terbaca kat blog ni :P Tu yg ebrjaya serbu dengan perfect sekali. buleh pulak dia kata salah masuk bilik pasal nak betulkan kunci. hehehehe. apa raa nye pekerja am :P

sumpit said...

baguih2, kalu aku malas, aku pon nak buat la

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