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Work From Home With The Hope To Get Millions!!!

Assalaam aleykom WBT and a very good day.

From the last post, I've mentioned about the PC I just bought. So today, I am working from home instead of going to my lab in USM Penang :) A good change of 'angin', as I am getting rather tired of commuting and crossing the bridge on a daily basis, and giving RM11.20 per day to PLUS BHD and also PENANG BRIDGE SDN BHD :P Anywayz... working from home is rather fun, cuz you don't have anyone breathing down yer neck. Just yourself... But even I can't breathe down my own neck... Kind'a difficult to get my nose to the neck area... It's almost like the "Not being able to lick your own elbow" thinggy. Anywayz..

About working from home. Actually, when I hear the word "Work From Home"... I normally associate it with people quitting their day jobs, and doing Internet based businesses e.g. Affiliate Marketing, Internet MLMs, Get-Paid-To-Reads, Forex Trading, E-bay selling and buying and the sorts. I actually aspired to become a member of this Work From Home club once. But did not plan to quit my job lah... But in the end... I faltered. Why? Becuz I sort'a sucked in some of the promises given by the so-called Internet-business GURUs...

Duit duit...

On the Internet, you can see so many claims of making big bucks! And it all seems so easy peasy! I can bet you 1/4 my life savings (I am no risk taker, so 1/4 is a lot oredi :P) that almost no Internet based website will tell you the hardships of starting an online venture. If you do a Google search on the topic, you'd probably land on those 1-page (very2 long one page) websites, telling you from A-Z about how they made it BIG on the Internet. At the same time, they also claim that even donkeys can do it... so why not YOU? (Me, you, everyone else whose getting less than $50,000 per week :P). The normal thing they're promoting is their E-book, or E-course, or what ever, that will tell you how to make it big online. And in many cases, people end up buying these things... cuz they're relatively cheap anywayz.

To cut things short, from my experience, there's no easy way of doing it. Really... Not easy at all. What some of these e-books (etc.) are saying is not the entire truth. They make it look so easy (not simple), yet to master the world of Internet business (let it be small or big) needs years of experience and elbow grease. I am not saying ALL e-courses are bad... but most that pop up first after Google searches (due to playing around with SEOs I reckon) don't tell the whole truth...

But even with that said, the concept is simple tho... You can make it big online, if you follow the necessary steps. Simple steps :)

But never equate the SIMPLE with EASY :D Example: Losing weight is simple! But it ain't easy! Get the idea?

Same as making it big online. Simple concepts (e.g. big market of web surfers, hence high probability of demand). But it ain't easy to get people to your website! I mean, there're like 50-billion other people out there building five or six websites each! :P So the competition is also like nothing the world has ever seen before :) So sendiri mau ingat :)

But anyways... working from home is nice :) Especially when you get tom make lost of $$$. But just make sure we do it the right way :) And not the ad-hoc way... or short-term way... or what ever wrong way :D Some websites like for example, provide an almost honest outlook at making $$$ online :) So going to sites such as those would be beneficial and worth the effort.

As for me, I would like to make $$$ online also. But at the moment, I think I will start to work from home doing PHD first. After PHD, insyaAllaah, I will learn the ropes. Hehehehe. Okes. Selamaat

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