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Mommy Cat and her 4 Cute Kittens

Assalaam aleykom :D

A few days back... I was picking out the laundry from my washing machine. As I was putting the damp shirts and pants and skirts and others into the laundry basket... i heard what sounded like squeaks. Not suspecting anything, I thought it was the sound of my slippers. You know la... when cheap slippers have holes in them, and when they come in contact with water... they tend to squeak or (kinda) whistle when U apply extra pressure on them.

Anywayz... after a few too many squeaks... I decided to take a look at the slippers, as the squeaks were getting rather frequent. The suddenly, I felt like something was watching me. I mean, you get that feeling like ure being observed... ure every move watched and scrutinized... ure very breath measured for the slightest change in tempo... ure... ok you get the idea. Tapi takkan hantu atau Jinn... Cuz it was too early in the day for that kinda stuff to happen :P Then suddenly... something moved in front of me. KATA KUANG!!! Tengok2, dekat tepi washing machine, ada la this mak kucing (Mommy Cat), yang dah terberanak sampai 4-ekoq! Man... I mean, so brave this cat to beranak next to my washing machine. Normally, when ever I go out to buang the trash, she'd be almost running for her life at my very sight! So for her to give birth within the compound of my back-entrance is rather shocking! :P But anyways...

Actually I've kinda vowed not to take in any pet cats anymore. After so many foiled attempts, I can't bear the feeling of having to depart from them when they finally pass away. So, I was thinking of throwing them out. But where? I mean... where can these small kittens stay that doesn't have other alley-cats possibly scrounging for their very flesh? And don't let me get started with the doggies. Man... the ones here have cats for breakfast, lunch and also high-tea :P

So after considering the pros and cons... I just decided to let them stay lah. But won't treat them as actual pets la (hopefully...). Just decided to maintain feeding the mommy cat, so that she'd be able to produce milk for her little ones. No getting tooo close such as to angkat2 and belai2. I will only do that with my wife (minus the angkat2 of course... she preggy now... heheheheh). Anywayz... now the kittens seem to be getting bigger... Good lah tu :D And the mommy oso now is already so berani with me. No more running. Now siap suka gesel2 lagi. Even gesel-gesel with my wife oso. hehehehe. okes. anwyayz... below are some pics. Enjoy iya :D

Already brave. Let's me come near without growling...
Very2 close up pic. As you can see... she likes me alot now (because I give you FOOD!!!)
Early stages of discovery... "DO NOT EVEN DARE TO LOOK, HUMAN SCUM!!!!"
Sudah bergelimpangan after habis tonggang susu ibu... Susu Ibu, makanan sejati utk baby baby
Close up ...sleeping... "HOIT! GET THAT FLASH OUT OF ME EYES HUMAN!!!!"

Very2 cute
Okes... no flash this time... just macro shot
Another pic of them sleeping together
The auntie. She still runs away in fear at my very sight. But I still give her some leftover food from time to time
Mommy cat... after licking, ...what?


Aini Razali@ Ainor said...

yolah en. pyan... tak nak pegang2 tu cat moomy dah gesel2 tak lama lagilah tu heheh...

yaya|azura said...

comel comel comel ... i like cats.. currently having 3 ekor, Apen, Bimbim and Bobi Lingham. :D

Alfian_Troxion said...

berita sedih dan sad news dan berit tak gembira...

all de kittens dah hilang masa sahur tadi. rasa2 macam mak dia pindah kan. tapi pelik gak pasal mak dia still balik nak makan.... takut2 bapak kucin dah makan :(

tapi takkan sampai 4-4 dia bedal?

azwad said...

mesti mak dia pindahkan.

tapi pasal makanan, mak dia kena cari tempat yang dia ingat ada le. penat beri susu tu.

Selamat Hari Raya dan maaf zahir batin bro.

fazot said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fazot said...

those kittens are CUTE. belang2 ada, polka dot ada. comey laa. harap2 jgn kena ngap ngan kucing jantan atau anjing dah la. sedih oo.

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