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A cigarette a day keeps the Dr away... in my case that is

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Assalaam aleykom WBT. As of today, I think it's been more than 1-week ++ since I have seriously slowed down on cigarette consumption. I used to smoke 6-8 sticks a day, therefore I am not considered a heavy smoker (by smokers that is)... Furthermore, at 6-8 sticks, my mind also tells me that, "Relax man, taking in 6-8 sticks a day ain't that bad?! It's not even considered smoking! Lay back and enjoy the ciggi... U're not a serious smoker, so there's no need to quit!". That's just the thing :) I never considered myself a heavy smoker, so the urge to stop is a whole lot lesser.

Anywayz, even though sucking in less smoke (than the people who take in 10-20 per day), I still feel unwell. I lose my breath faster (especially after scaling the stairs), get headaches and also feel short of breath (especially at night... ASTHMA? tidaaakkk....). So I thought, okes. You are not a light smoker! You are a heavy smoker. Now let's QUIT!!! :) Plus, U got a baby coming, ... so shape up fatso (ok, i've grown a bit fatty around some parts of me body also :P)

Now, I'm implementing a technique that I never believed in... I am slowly decreasing my intake, with the hope that one day, insyaAllaah, I will quit entirely! I mean, before this I tried COLD TURKEY many many times. And on all occasions, the cravings came back like a drug addict trapped in a steel cage! Up to this day, alhamdulillaah, I've managed to go down to 1-cigarette a day, hence this post's title :P For good days... none at all. So, for my case, yes... A CIGARETTE A DAY KEEPS THE DR AWAY :D But of course, hopefully one day, the ciggies will be out of my life. Slowly, by incrementally decreasing my intake, I feel more controlled of my mind. I have more control over the urges, which fundamentally translates to more control over my life!

Okes... I will try harder... I will oh, I will. And one day, insyaAllaah I will rid myself of this dang habit :) Orait... Assalaam aleykom / Peace be onto you :D


arin said...

layout baru..ok la, senang di baca.. :)

Alfian_Troxion said...

tq Arin :)

yaya|azura said...

my hubby is a heavy smoker... semoga akan ada cahaya kesedaran itu seperti mana kamu juga. amin.

Alfian_Troxion said...

Yaya, ada sorang pemilik kedai kat sini yg berenti isap rokok terus ... pasal bini dia bising... cakap bau badan busuk, bau mulut busuk, itu la ini la... end up dia renti pasal malas dengar bini berleter. heheheh.

kot2 kalau ko nak dia renti, buleh mula berleter selepas... lagi beberapa bulan. skang ni baru sangat lagi kan ko kawin? hehehehe. kasik season sket dulu, lepas tu seraaannngggg! hehehehe

Konot said...



anyay tahniah ler sbb dah kurang smoking... moga2 berenti terus lah lepas ni ye..

Alfian_Troxion said...

Konotz Norliana AR :D Belum lagik. tapi insyaAllaah akan. sikit je lagik :D hehehehe... tq for de ucapan tahniah. takkan ku persia2kan kepercayaan mu wahai Konot. HUA HUA HUA!

hari ni pon kira dah ok. dah kul 11 ni, tak isap rokok lagik pon :D bagus gak tak beli kotak ni, kalau tak, tangan gataaal je nak nyalakan api tu....

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