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PhD Blues

Assalaam aleykom :) I have been trying to get this one paper done, and it's taking me like, forever. Started writing the first draft somewhere in October 2009, then made some corrections and gave it to my super in December 2009. Got it back a few weeks later (or was it more than 1-month later?), met with the super to listen to her suggestions and comments, then gave it to another guy (quite impressive his CV actually) for his opinion... took into consideration what he had to say... and now... I am thinking of changing the paper's content :| I mean, write it in a totally different way, maybe even change the main idea as I am starting to discover obvious things as I write. Hehehe... I think this is how academic research is suppoed to go... U think U got one idea that's worth publishing.. then U realize it's crap after a few weeks/month. Then suddenly a spark gets ignited where you look at the work from a totally different (and refreshed!) point of view... Alhamdulillaah!!!

Anywayz, I will continue writing this paper. Need to finish it, then can concentrate on improving my overall framework :D Susah betul buat PhD ni iye... sapa yg leh habis cepat mmg aku tabik spring :D

Oraitey, back to work....
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