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Ayam Kampung - Village Chicken?

Today, let's take a look at Ayam Kampung a.k.a. Village Chicken (suka hati aku je a.k.a., walhal orang tak penah panggil macam tu pon ye dok? tapi takpe...). Compared to its more unfortunate counterpart the market chicken, the village chicken has a better life before being slaughtered. They are also healthier due to the 'freedom' granted by their owners to wander around the compound of the house (and also kadang2 tersesat pegi compound rumah orang lain) and can go about their business of pecking the tanah. 

As a result of this freedom and tons of healthy activity, the village chicken can be equated to a 100-meter dash athlete, whereas their bred-for-hypermarkets counterparts are comparable to a glutton with almost no life... But at least they are better than human gluttons, because these chickens are coerced into eating tons and tons of food and injected with God-knows-what to make them grow OH so fast. Due to this also, the hypermarket chickens, even though seemingly bigger and healthier, are obese and full of adipose tissue :)

Anywayz... I went back to my wife's kampung recently... and my dad-in-law sembelih-ed a few of his chickens. During the process of 'bubuti' by my mom-in-law (JAVANESE for plucking the chicken's feathers), the chicken's skin was a bit yellow. Hmmm... maybe this was due to it being exposed to the sun so much... jadik ada tan sikit :D But... what surprised me the most was the inner organs (organ dalaman ayam)... You see, when I clean the chicken bought at the local market or TESCO, the inner organs such as the heart, liver, gizzard [pedal ek?] etc. are normally covered with layers and layers of fat.

So much so, that at the end of things, I have to really really really scrub my hands to get rid of the oily residue. But this kampung chicken... man, the inner organs were so clean and lean, you can find very little fat covering them. Of course not 0% fat la (even bodybuilders during competition have at least 3-5% body fat :P)...  but only the necessary fats :)

Of course, the meat is a bit tougher... but I think when U actually see the process from slaughter to cooking... you wont mind it that much since you know ure eating a healthy bird who most probably lived life to the fullest and to the happiest... compared to their market-fated friends. Okes... Here are a few snapshots... Salaam aleykom.

Papa Chicken
Mama Chicken and her chicks
Chicken accommodation
Bubuti by the expert hands of Hajah Rugayah Darus
After bubuti...
Organ dalaman ayam kampung... 
Gizzard... if ayam market, penuh gila lemak
The other inner organs
Telur ayam (chicken egg) dalam proses nak menjadi...
Some more unexplored land belakang umah mertua
Explored land belakang rumah mertua :)


Oyis said...

eh ayam tu tgh pregnant ke? x sempat bertelur is it?

Alfian_Troxion said...

mak mertua aku cakap, telur ayam develop dalam badan mak ayam tu... more than 1 at a time.... so in a way, yeous... tengah preggie. and then, setiap hari dia akan betelor :) sampai semua telur dia habis of kos :)

aku rasa la... harap2 pemahaman aku betui

madam bon bon said...

Ayam x de concept preggie kot sayang. Klu x silap lah coz telur ayam memang sentiasa ada dan akan bertelur sepanjang tahun walaupun x de ayam jantan around. Bezanya klu ada persenyawaan ngan ayam jantan, ada pontetnsi tuk baby chick disenyawakan dlm telur tu.

cantiknya ciptaan Allah .. dia jadikan telur ayam sedap, sgt sedappppp, high in protien and basic to most cake and biscuit... and at the same time he make it available at mass production. So it can be available all year around and at a cheap price so everyone can afford it... hehehe tazkirah sat utk kita appreciate life from Allah..

Alfian_Troxion said...

kok gitu ke? hehehe. ok ok. tq Ayang :D ilmu baru utk hubby anda ini....

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