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My favorite way to eat pak arab rice - a bit messy, but I like!!!

Since coming into contact with the Jordanian community here in USM, I've evolved my taste buds a bit. Previously, I never thought of putting yogurt and rice together. But after learning how some Jordanians take their food... I decided to give the yogurt + rice combination a try. To tell you the truth, the combined taste is not what Malays would call delicious. But after a few times trying... I have to say that I've developed an acquired taste :) Now, I'm experimenting with other combinations unfamiliar to the Malay palette... setakat ni, Alhamdulillaah, masih belum kena sakit purut or diarrhea :D 

Anywayz... below is my favorite combination when eating arab rice (especially on Fridays, since yogurt is aplenty on that particular day due to the Arab bazaar after Friday prayers). The rice is sold by Palestinian refugees, which includes a good portion of yellow (oily a bit) rice, some peas, diced carrots and diced potatoes. Costs RM6 per packet. I have to say though that RM6 is a bit dear... tapi hantam saja laaa... sekali sekala...

Yogurt - RM2 (This is the cheap version. There's a more expensive version at RM6) 
Rana hot sauce. To the Malaysian tongue, this won't actually qualify as hot... but more to sour and berpijar...
The chicken underneath the mess :)
The end result :D

I admit that the end result is quite 'belemoih' - meaning something like a "mess" in the utara (northern Malaysian) sleng. But... I simply love it. Ada sapa2 berani mau coba? Come come come to USM on Fridays and you can get the components at the USM Arab Food Bazaar :D Okes. Selamaat....

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