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My first Adsense payout - Part 1

InsyaAllaah, today I'm going to go to CIMB to obtain my first ever (Google) Adsense payout. As mentioned in my older post, alhamdulillaah, my earnings have finally reached the USD100 threshold. So, I can withdraw the money if I choose to.

Initially, since the amount is not that much yet, I thought of just letting it grow until a more comfortable number. But after reading some posts on the Internet that Google is blocking/deactivating people's accounts due to suspicion of illegal/invalid clicks... I thought... baik keluarkan saja la, sementara masih belum di-blok. Not that I'm illegally clicking (self clicking, or asking people to click) my adverts or anything... but I have heard stories that some sites are actually valid... but Google still blocks them! ... Based on my reading, some of the sites aren't actually involved in invalid activities, but since Google uses a computerized detection system to do its checking... some unlucky individuals/groups end up at the wrong end of the stick (am I using this phrase correctly? hehehehe). Humans aren't perfect... computers are also not perfect... computers take orders (programmed) from humans... so what do you expect? :P ... Answer: A super fast way to convey imperfection! Ha! Now that's a thought :P

Oraits. Anywayz, will go to CIMB bank, as I heard from a few people that they process the Western Union money transfer thinggy better than other banks. The good thing about getting the Adsense payout thru western union is that, the handling sending or whatever charges have been covered by Google. We only "lose" at the currency exchange :) 

Oraits... And oh! People say you need to bring these info when collecting the payment (refer to picture)... Kalau tak bawak kalu, duit tak dapat kalo. Okes... I will update with Part-2, insyaAllaah, to see whether or not I actually get this money :D Kot2 la there's a problem with the bank ka, the money ka, my documents ka... etc. We live in an imperfect world made more imperfect by procedures and bureaucracy :) Assalaam aleykom WBT.


Amy said...

Bestnya wehh. It actually worksla AdSense ni? Aku dpt Rm50 dari Nuffnang pun dah happy dok nunggu duit, inikan plak USD100..perghhh. Syukur alhamdulillah.

Alfian_Troxion said...

aku pon bukan hardcore "adsenian" :P (ada ke term tu)
anywayz... yes, it works if u know how to work it. sama macam Nuffnang... kalau pandai target audience... maka insyaAllaah it will translate into ad clicks :D

USD100 ni pon lepas 5 tahun Amy. So lagi 5 tahun la baru next cash out. heheheheh :P Alhamdulillaah.

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