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Doing Luandry @ Hostel

It's been quite some time since I last did my laundry @ the desasiswa Bakti/Permai hostel. Last basuh2 guna commercial type washer was when I stayed @ desasiswa Restu dengan Dr. Azrul (masa tu lom Dr lagik). Anywayz... since I have nothing much to blog about, I will paste some pics that I took of the wash area :)

Borrowed some powder detergent from roomate Mr. Ehsan Abbasnejad, got some change for the machine, and tarus gi basuh. In all it took 20-minutes ++ :D Oraits. Tq for reading n looking at the pics :D Assalaam aleykom.

The washing machine. Yang dalam pail tu baju sapa ntah. Lepas basuh lambat pulak dia bawak keluar.

50-cents and 20-cents only please... and also notice the ferum 3 sulfat

Kinda cekik darah gak RM3. Tapi nak wek camno? Industrialists Capitalists!!!

Beginilah caranya anda membasuh baju iye tuan? (macam Istana Takeshi pulak main tuan tuan iye?)

Maytag Commercial Washing Machine

My clothes... tak banyak ye dok for 1 week :P

Outdated sign board saying boys/men should not pass here

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