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The case of you getting what you asked for but not exactly what you wanted? The Nasi Goreng USA story...

I remembered a few months back... I was talking to one of my friends and one of our topics was about the many varieties of nasi goreng (fried rice) we have in Malaysia. Nasi Goreng Cina, Nasik Goreng Kerabu, Nasi Goreng Ayam, Nasi Goreng Pataya (or simply Pataya)... and of course Nasik Goreng USA.

We touched a bit on Nasik Goreng USA. I was thinking about the "side dishes" of sliced meat (sometimes hot/spicy, sometimes not) and one bull's eye egg. Sometimes, on very2 rare occasions, you might get chicken instead of meat... Anywayz, it seemed similar to what Mat/Minah Sallehs in the USA might eat for breakfast? Or brunch? Maybe that's why dapat nama Nasik Goreng USA!!! (Dulu pernah dengar nama Nasi Goreng America, but somehow nowadays macam not used anymore that term).

(please goto to get nice-nice Malay nasi recipes)

Anywayz... last night I went for take out. Was going to order the normal Nasi Putih Daging Black Pepper. But alas, my favorite shop was de tutup. So went to kedai depan dia and ordered Nasik Goreng Ayam (for my fren) and Nasik Goreng USA for myself. Dapat2 je tengok the price was RM8.00. Wallweh? Kok takkan both of them cost RM4.00 each? I was ecstatic lah, since Nasi Goreng USA normally costs RM4.50-RM5.00. On the way back, I was thinking... that kedai was good! Price is ok. Maybe can go again. Murah2 nasi goreng dia.

After arriving at my lab to enjoy my food with a movie (kat komputer tapi), I was terkejut when I opened the polisterin bungkusan... UIT??!! Where's the meat? Where's the egg? I saw some chicken... but other that that, the usual meat and telur were missing. The rice was also kinda fair-n-lovely... macam kaler Nasi Goreng Cina la pulak. Then I saw the other stuff as I dug thru the rice. Kok ada udang? Ada sotong?... And like I said, ada ayam? UIT? Macam familir keadaan ini. Kok experience di mana iya?... Then tetiba.... WALLWEH!!! The second part of the conversation with my friend came to mind...

Nasi Goreng USA ni sebenarnya stands for Nasi Goreng with UDANG, SOTONG and AYAM!!! Pasal tu la U.S.A. ... Udang, Sotong dan Ayam! Ada faham? -- Faham cikguuu 

Originally it was meant to be like that, according to my fren lah. But somehow, something happened along the way, and most USA Fried Rice nowadays tak ikut model ni dah... which I think is true based on all of my restaurant and gerai visits... except last night tapi. This is the first time I got what I asked for... but not exactly what I wanted! :P Hehehehe... Patot la RM4.00. Finally, I got the actual Nasi Goreng USA!!!

Anywayz, now I know this and will be more careful in the future so that I get the sinful telur mata kerbau, slices of daging and also the darker colored fried rice :D Hehehehe... Any of you had a similar experience? Anywayz... Thanks for reading and Assalaam aleykom WBT.


Hj. Muhd. Ridhwan said...

Hahaha, that was a funny experience.

I never tried Nasik Goreng USA...might try it later...

Alfian_Troxion said...

never tried? please do try :) but make sure bukan Udang Sotong n Ayam punya version. hehehe

Syigim said...

lawak..lawak...i pun sukaaa sgt nasi goreng usa yg daging merah + telur tu, tp ni br tau nasi u.s.a tu Udang Sotong Ayam!

Alfian_Troxion said...

serious, ni first time i got the udang sotong ayam version. ingatkan member tu main2 je. tapi bila dah dapat, baru la rasa logik kot yg USA tu stand for those things. hehehe.

malam ni try lagi order kat kedai sama. tapi kasik eksplen lebih sket kat tukang masak dia. kalau tak leh buat, tukar kedai. hehehe

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