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Manhattan Fish Market Already Has HALAL Certification from JAKIM... Alhamdulillaah :)

Assalaam aleykom WBT. Actually, dari zaman dolu lagi, I wanted to test the food @ Manhattan Fish Market. Tapi tak tertest-test due to it not having the halal certification from approved bodies/organization. Some may say, "Aiyoooo!!! Ikan pon takkan la leh haram?" ... maybe true, but you never know what's in the ingredients ye dok? Anywayz... now it's confirmed that Manhattan Fish Market food premises have halal certification. You can try out this link to check... but in case it doesn't work:

2. Click on the DIREKTORI HALAL MALAYSIA image (should be on the right hand side of the webpage) 

3. Key in your search term, in this case - manhattan. There are a few tabs showing the halal information for the company itself, the food premises etc.

Anywayz, it has come to my attention that some people think that some people (such as myself :P) are too particular about this halal haram thinggy. That I make my life difficult by being too selective, strict and paranoid! 

For discussion's sake, let me clear up a few things by giving two main arguments:
  1. It's imperative for Muslims to seek halal food. Clear and simple rule. Not difficult to follow, not burdensome on the soul;
  2. For myself, I categorize food outlets into two:
  • If it's operated by Muslims, then no problem. I won't seek any certification. We as consumers can also judge by the place's cleanliness... and  All Mighty God gave us a brain and heart so that we can 'feel' whether or not there's something wrong with the place,
  • If it's a franchise and owned by Non-Muslims (or even Muslims), then I'd seek certification. Because we never know how the food is being processed. Dah banyak dah kes2 pelik yang berlaku sebelum ni ye dok about halal certs. being revoked... Learn from the past bak kata RAFIKI dalam Lion King :P So kalu ada certification yang buleh dipercayai kalo... then ok la, bules makan :D Tapi kalau setakat 'HA LAM ALIP LAM' tulisan kaler ijau atau itam tu je... haaa, then U'd have to think that there's something wrong. Asal takde proper halal sign? Orang tak reti jawi can oso come up with the sign by copying any existing halal sign ye dok. So, kalau takde badan yg mengesahkan... then I think it's best to avoid lah. Betui dok? :)

Tu je la pon the strictness level that I apply. Idok le strict sangat ye dok? Logik pon logik rasanya.

Anywayz... for the Manhattan Fish Market halal status thinggy... Yeous. I waited for it even tho it took more than 2-3 years (first wanted to eat in 2007 kot? tapi takde halal cert :P). Now dah ada, insyaAllaah buleh pi makaan... Okes, sapa2 ada cadangan atau recommendations on what to order? 

Oraits... Assalaam aleykom WBT.


Side note... sometimes pelik apa pasal dia orang guna itu jawi punya huruf utk. spell the abbreviated tulisan Rumi. This actually happens with Maktab Perguruan Islam also... MPI is also written as 'AIN YAA MIM PAA YAA ALIF YA (of was it 'AIN YA)


kampunginvestor said...

Congrats to Manhattan Fish Market. Didn't know that it does not have Halal earlier.

Thanks for updating ya bro! ^^

Alfian_Troxion said...

they were trying to get it since a few years back :) but insyaAllaah, I think the food was halal anyway be4 this. This cert at least gives us Muslims peace of mind alhamdulillaah...

sid sienna said...

just in time when I'm craving for fish and remember Manhattan Fish Market.. I also don't dare to go & eat at such places with no halal cert even they did not serve pork.. :) just check with Jakim directory, Manhattan still have the cert until 2013..

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