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TESCO Penang (which one? wa bu che tau....) kasik jual ayam haram la pulaak

(Firstly, TQ Arin for the valuable info.)

Referring to this article, this is the situation that really2 gets most Muslims mad. I for one am very2 pissed off at the level of neglect shown by the suppliers of such products. If you really2 want to cater halal chicken for Muslims, please do it properly. Of course JAKIM will come once and give you the certificate, but please do maintain the standards demanded by Muslims, since you are catering for Muslims! (I am refering to Hy-Fresh here, whose chicken was found to be NON HALAL!!!)...
(what is NAVIFATION btw??? - refer to the Hy-Fresh website (rhetorical question iya...))

If you see from Hy-Fresh's group of companies, two names that pop out are non-Muslims

1. Perniagaan Ah Siong Sdn. Bhd. (583473-A)
2. Pua Tian Siong Sdn. Bhd. (684588-V)

I realize that they must have really2 worked hard to achieve JAKIM's standards to be certified halal. But based on what has happened before (with TESCO also), these companies are really getting on Muslims' nerves as they are continually performing below standards! I realize that maybe they don't fully understand what halal means. But please... KEEP to the standards that you have shown to JAKIM! This halal haram thinggy is not a game for Muslims! If you don't understand it, that's OK! But don't slack off and do cincai cincai work in ensuring the halal-ness of the product!

Halal and Haram are not things that gets irrelevant over time. Muslims made a pledge in the form of the Shahadah (declaration of faith), and we intend to keep to that pledge by trying our best to live our lives based on the terms set by God (Allaah)! And eating HALAL food is one of those terms.

So, TESCO! This is the I don't know this is kali ke-berapa that you've been caught selling haram chicken. Get your act together lah TESCO weh!!! And as for Hy-Fresh, please do employ proper Muslims to semeblih ure chicken... and please, respect Muslims' beliefs!

Anywayz, I think it's time that it's made compulsory that all halal food suppliers (raw meat that is), that require slaughter, are Muslims. I don't mean Malay... but Muslims... So that insyaAllaah, the quality and standards can be more confidently maintained....

Marah lagi ni.... dah le aku dok penang? Marang perapu keponten parang skeper betul....


Mr Azwad said...

Isk aku pun geram ni! Memang patut saman!!

Yup, not all malay are muslims. e.g. indon, thai and filipino malay.

Alfian_Troxion said...

kadang2 bila fikir, some people who have never recite the shahadah aer actually practicing Islam without them noticing it. Hehehe... which is of course Submitting to God's will in peace....

annwyayz... a bulk of Muslims in Malaysia are Muslims.... but somehow, I think its best for sincere muallafs to do the job... cuz they have a better appreciation of th religion compared to us default Mozlems. heheheh (not all of us la... but many...)

eh, lari topik sket ni. ni still marah kat TESCO ngan Hy Fresh ni :P

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