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Keeping out the mo-hi-qui-tos (mosquitoes) - does that sound Spanish?

Assalaam aleykom WBT. At my hostel room, the mosquitoes are going berserk! Don't know where their 'pot' or hideout is, but when night falls, they come out (or come in is more like it) by the throng. So when I go to sleep at night, all these freeloaders will come in and 'steal' a few straw-fulls of my blood :P Tried using the VAPE ubat nyamuk thinggy, but somehow they don't seem to be bothered. My roomate Ehsan used to spray using the aerosol thinggy, but that also tak jalan. Can't shut the windows cuz if we do, there is risk of suffocation and dehydration due to overheating... panas itu bilik walupun malam yang hujaaan. 

So, what to do? I go and buy mo-hi-qui-to net! Hehehehehe... Firstly I bought one from a DIY shop. Specially designed to fit onto windows (or doors) to keep out mosquitoes. The claims on the wrapping implied that installation was easy, and the net would stick to provided the Velcro. Tapi in the end hampeh... It was difficult to custom fit it to my room window! Lepas tu pulak, even though the Velcro stuck quite firmly to the net, the tape pulak tak melekat kuat pada window pane.  (in all, lost ~RM50 :P Learn from ure mistakes boy).

Looked something like this... senang nya dia ni buaat... sebelah tangan je... NOT!

Then, decided to go to kedai apek yang berhampiran... Had the green colored net in mind. Tengok punya tengok punya tengok... Alhamduilllaah, adaaa :D Bought 3 meters x ~4-kaki (dua unit yg berbeza but that's how I struck the deal with the makcik nyonya) @ RM7.50 semeter... Tiada tawar menawar pasal I have no skills in that...sob sob... Anywayz... went back and Alhamdulillaah... Installation was quite a cinch (took 1/2 the time compared to the DIY one). The real test however is tonite. Let's hope that it holds out against the dreaded mosquitoes :D Oraits. Assalaam aleykom WBT.

Tingkap tanpa net (orang sebelah punya tingkap...)

Tingkap lepas dah pasang net (still buleh bukak tingkap tapi... alhamdulillaah)

Close-up view

Used tape itam tu je... hopefully strong enough

Tiada tangga, jadik pakai kerusi aja :D


Konot said...

aku dulu bertahun2 hidup mcm dlm hutan.. nyamuk ni mcm kawan baik dah.. yg peliknya masa tu tinggal kat tingkat 9.. org kata kalau tingkat atas2 nyamuk tak de.. well i guess nyamuk skang dah pandai masuk ikut lif kot.. tehehehe...

anywayss... lepas pindah umah aku skang ni.. 1st thing kitorang buat is pasang the net jugak! and alhamduluillah.. kurang dah nyamuk... yeay!!

Alfian_Troxion said...

memebr aku dok tingkat 10... nyamuk banyak gak dia kata.
aku rasa nyamuk2 tu dah dapat membiak di sekitar tingkat2 7-12... jadi tu pasal dia dah leh masuk tingkat2 yg tinggi :D
maybe ada sekor nyamuk rambo yg berjaya naik ke tingkat yg tinggi, lepas tu bertelor... tarus membiak di tingakt2 tinggi bangunan2 apartment dan kondominium skg :D hehehe
ini hanya teori John Nash the nash Equilibrium GDP :D

Oyis said...

ya Allah, pakai tape itam je ke mat pyan? hehehe

Alfian_Troxion said...

nanti lepas ni aku upgrade tape tu. hehehehe. tapi tunggu gaji bulan depan kot :P

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