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Nasi Goreng Special and U.S.A. issue resolved :)

Why am I still fat? Why am I still 86 kilos? (or have risen to 87-88? It's been quite a while since my last weigh in). Anywayz, the point is... why am I still fat, and why will I not become thin again? Well, it's simply because I have now chosen an inactive life, and my food choices are just way way too sinful to encourage a metabolic rate for ultimate fat burning. HAHAHA! Ok... not actually funny, but that's the life I have now.

Anwyayz, I'd like to share with you my dinner last night :) NASI GORENG SPECIAL - RM6.00. Bought it from SURIA CAFE, which is my favorite gerai makan at the SURIS food court (yes, I know the food court name now... got it from one of the waiters there). I also finally have the explanation behind my Nasik Goreng USA Udang Sotong Ayam issue :D Now I know that to get Nasi Goreng USA, you should not ask for Nasik Goreng USA (please refer to the menu image for details). Okes... Sila tengok2 gambar2 ini iya :D Selamaat :D

 Suria Cafe

Nasi Daging Black Pepper 

Ayam Goreng (Tepung kot?)

Udang Goreng Tepung

 Telur Mata Kerbau

 Timun & Sambal Belacan

Nasi Goreng - a bit tawar

Nasik Goreng Special - The End Result
(Number of shrimps is double here. Took it from my 
Iranian friend's pack as he doesn't eat shrimp)

Nasi Goreng USA issue resolved. Ask for Nasi Goreng Amerika next time...

Oh... and as you all know from my previous post way back when... I am able to lose a significant amount of weight in just 30-seconds. After eating the sinful Nasi Goreng Special, I gained lots and lots of unwanted calories. But due to my abilities... I got back to my normal self in less than 30-seconds this time...  A new personal record!!! Please view the testimony picture below.



arin said...

hahahhaha....aku tergelak besar baca tang nih.nasi grg america dan nasi goreng USA.hahahahhahahah!

Alfian_Troxion said...

kali ni takkan ku tersilap kali ke 3 lagi wahai Arin :) ko rasa kat area2 KL ngan Melaka leh terjadi ke kes camtu? :P

Oyis said...

sucking in your cheeks eh?

Hj. Muhd. Ridhwan said...

Um, what's the difference between N.G. Amerika and N.G. USA?

Congrats on your weight loss bro! Now it's my turn to pack some muscles...I mean my body fat percentage is okay. I'm just too lazy to eat right and exercise on time.

Well, I've started to learn to cook. Hopefully I won't depend on outside food anymore...

Hj. Muhd. Ridhwan said...

Oh wait...that was fake...

*kantoi tak bace abis post...hahaha

Alfian_Troxion said...

LOL! :P Baru nak cakap pak aji... tengok2 sendiri sudah tau :P

In one of my previous posts, I talked about ordering NG USA, but getting something else (I got nasi goreng with Udang Sotong n Ayam). So that's the difference apparently dekat foodcourt SURIS tu. Kalau nak NG USA yg kita sedia maklum ada daging masak merah n telur tu, kena cakap "Nasi Goreng Amerika satuuu!!!" :) Of course tidak digalakkan sbb buleh naikkan body fat dan turunkan metabolisma dengan mendadak :D

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