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Ok. Didn't get pics... but I found my old Adidas Alligator/Crocodile...

I sorta promised to get the pics from the Arab Iftar Line in my last post... But since I went alone that time, it felt kinda awkward to snap pics of people I don't even know while putting on a straight face. Normally, I'd go and collect the food with my lab mate, Mr Ehsan Abbasnejad (smart Iranian fella)... But that day, my supervisor had one of her late 'energy boosts' and called upon him at around 6:45 pm to discuss a paper. Since this is the time we'd normally start lining up for the food... he asked me to go and collect for him lah... which I gladly did. Anywayz, like I said... I was alone down there... rasa pelik pulak kalau snap gambar line panjang2... and then have no one around to explain to (while of course giggling and giving reasons etc.).

Anywayz... I found an old crocodile (or alligator) of mine while I was Google-ing around. When I look @ it again, it does seem quite neat (hahaha! puji diri...). Anywayz, just for the sake of melepas batuk di tangga for a blog entry :D Salaaam aleykom!!!

Beckham would pay me millions for this... but then again, he doesn't buy his boots :'(

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