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Ceramah - why so far apart?

Assalaam aleykom WBT :) Today I decided to drag myself out of bed instead of falling back into slumber after Subuh prayers. Alhamdulillaah, surprisingly... feel very2 de segar one. Maybe its also due to the fact I ate an apple (after rice n chicken of course) for Sahur? Maybe all those simple carb juices are flowing rapidly through my body providing instant energy!!! But have to get ready btw, as instant energy is always followed by instant sleepiness (at one point). 

Anywayz, back to the topic of Ceramah. Listened to a ceramah today... I think it's my first post Subuh ceramah in years! A good natured, sunnah following guy sat in the front of the masjid talking about Ramadhaan... Have to say, he has quite a nice looking beard :D Talked about things we should do during Ramadhaan and of course, things we should not do. Nice reminders over all.

The ceramah was good... but the thing that bothers me is the manner in which participants sit during these talks...  Similarly, even non post Subuh ceramahs are the same, where people sit very2 far apart from each other. It's like, the further, the better.... If I'm not mistaken... similar to how we're supposed to perform salah, everyone is supposed to come close together. Of course not in a straight line, but everyone should gather in a cluster around the speaker. Mostly, its a scatter... some one here, one group there, another group here and also sleepy heads almost every where :P I personally think, the proximity between ceramah participants should be made closer :D 

Okes.... Selamat berpuasaaa...
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