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People are looking for kambing I reckon...

Been looking at the Feedjit "Popular Pages Today" widget at the bottom right corner of my blog. When I first put it there, I saw that many people who stumbled across this site were looking for info. about Halal Protein powders or supplements. But now... it seems that the protein topic has been overtaken by the kambing topik. 14.22% of the alfiantroxion blog visitors are kambing fanatics! And I realize that most have arrived by Googling about Kampung Pelet or Puncak Mutiara Cafe. Kok tak sangka dengan secara tak sengaja that this blog is one of the top pages for those keywords. Alhamdulillaaah. Ada jugak yang lain land pasal nak cari info. about ELKEN Biopure (Ken-2) Water Filtration System, Naza Forte Review (even though I don't provide a review... somehow people accidentally come here) and also Seoul Garden.

Anywayz, in all... Alhamdulillaah. TQ for dropping by and although we're almost half way into it, it's not too late to wish Ramadhaan Mubarak :D Assalaam aleykom WBT...  

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