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Verdict - Beriani Paha Kambing Kampung Pelet

The verdict has come out. Good news and just little bad news :D As a matter of fact, the bad news is quite insignificant as it was a minor (so to speak) glitch in the network of employees...

Table 1.0: Puncak Mutiara Cafe Verdict by RR, Mat John and Alpyan 



Goat meat softness

Very-very soft, like the first time we came

Heat of hot drinks

As hot as it can get... no more cold MILO for me!


Beverages came on time... but it took more than 30-minutes for the food to arrive

I changed my ordering habits a bit... instead of going for the Beriani Paha Kambing, I opted for Nasi Putih with Paha Kambing. It proved to be a good move since the beriani was a bit spicy this time around. It relates to the fact that the food came late. The goat meat, I reckon was already cooked... but everyone had to wait for the rice.

The waiter who brought us the food told us that the Bangladeshi workers responsible for the rice had all slept! I think they ended up noticing there was no rice left, and had to brew up a new pot! And since Malay workers might have done it instead of the Bangladeshi workers, a bit too much chili-based ingredients were added... This is my theory :)

Anywayz, that was the only glitch. Everything else was back to normal :D Even the MILO was hot! (compared to last time, when it came back relatively cold after 2-times of correcting the order).

In all, the nasi putih + paha kambing cost me a bit less... @ RM13.50, which is quite surprising actually as the difference is RM3.50. But I think they charge for the Dalca + Air Asam @RM1.50... which makes the white rice also RM1.50. Gulp... mahal jugak for white rice bila fikir2 balik! Hmmm.... Do people actually have the right to charg RM1.50 for white rice? Ntoh le... hantam saja la. That's why we can only eat at this place once evey two or three months... Considering the location, RM1.50 for rice is a bit steep. But then again, they will have their arguments.

Orait. That's all for now. TQ for reading iya :D Salaaam

PS:- no pics since camera phone had charging problems...
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