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InsyaAllaah I will take pics of the 'Arabic Food Line'

Today, for break fast, insyaAllaah I will go to the Arab food counter. Alhamdulillaah, some people are forking out $$$ to feed orang berbuka puasa. According to what I know (is it from the Quran or Hadith? Tak sure...)... Those giving food for people (who are fasting of course) to break fast, they will obtain the ajr (pahala) of the person who is fasting, without being lessened even a bit.... Well, of course for more accuracy on this, you can refer to any imam or 'alim :)

InsyaAllaah I will take pics... to show you the length of the line... and also the type of food that all these people are crazing for. Okes. That's all for now. Salaam and Happy Ifthar!!!
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