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Soq / Sahur di Puncak Mutiara Cafe, Kampung Pelet... insyaAllaah

InsyaAllaah, this morning at around 2 or 3 a.m.... myself, Raja Azhar bin Raja Othman and M. Faizal Zainoldin have planned to take our sahur (soq in the northern slang) or early breakfast at Kampung Pelet. Of course for me, it would mean ordering the RM17 Nasi Beriani Paha Kambing!!! In my previous post however, I mentioned that the goat meat had gone sooo tough, that even biting was futile. My theories were that, they might be finishing off some old goats, or maybe for that particular month, the supplier gave them a wrong shipment of kambing kampung yang berotot keras? Wallaahu a'lam...

A good thing though, on the same post itself, one of my friends (Rash) gave a comment that the meat had gone back to its original condition... tender and juicy... with the flesh sliding off effortlessly like peeling the isi from a durian ulas :D Anywayz, this sahur or SOQ session will be the judge... whether or not Puncak Mutiara Cafe has reverted back to its glory days. Harap2 udah le... if not sia2 la pi makan sana :'( Dah le jauh... Di bawah adalah gambar kambing yang dirembat dan diedit dari sini... Salaam aleykom :D

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