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If I sold my blog for RM50... A story for the non-faint hearted :)

I was wondering how much my blog is worth. If I were to buy my blog from myself, I think I'd pay RM45.25... with service tax (for what ever service, I don't know)... overall price would be RM50 :) But even with that less-than-RM100-price... I would not be a happy customer. I would be swearing at myself for not giving me a cheaper price since my blog ain't worth that much!!! But since I'd hate to make myself unhappy, while also being able to help myself gain some money during Eidul Fitri... I succumb lah. So I will pay myself RM50 for my blog so that maybe the RM50 can be used for two or three kids' raya collection money. On the other hand... my selling self would be very happy as RM50 is a great deal for a freely hosted blog! Hahahaha!!! Suckerrrr!!! 

But now I realize... my blog is worth more than what I would have bought it for! According to this website, I have apparently underpaid myself. They say my blog is worth USD6,513.60!!! I have ripped myself of by only getting RM50 from myself! This is very good! RM50 for a blog worth USD6K!!! So, who's laughing now?!!! Suckerrrrr back at you!!! Hahahahaha!!!

proof of my blog's worth

Anywayz... that is if I were to buy my own blog from myself lah. As you can see, I would be a very happy man. At the same time, I'd be pissed off also as the valuation of the website is almost 417-times more than what I sold it for!!! (considering the exchange rate is at 3.2). Anywayz...

I'd like to wish each and everyone of you out there... EID MUBARAK!!! And please do forgive me for all the sins I have committed... seen and unseen :) Okes... Assalaam aleykom WBT.
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