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Mendi/Mandi Rice with Fahsa and Dholmeh/Dolmeh

Yesterday, it was Arab (Yemeni) and Iranian food galore for me, Alhamdulillaah. Firstly, for lunch, had some Mendi/Mandi Rice with Fahsa at SABA restaurant (at Ivory Plaza, Jalan Bukit Gambir). Normally, the rice is accompanied by either chicken or lamb... but myself, Mozaher and Ehsan (labmates) decided to budget a bit and did not go for the normal package. The rice is cooked with some herbs, spices and oil... making it yellowish in color and super delicious. Furthermore, they use Basmathi rice so the texture is quite smooth and nice :) 

Mendi/Mandi Rice - RM3.00 per set
Includes: Tomato+Chilli (and vinegar I think) semi-hot sauce and some chopped cabbages+carrots

Then there was the Fahsa. From afar (and from a-near :P), it greatly resembles beef curry. The only difference I think is in its taste where... well, it tastes nothing like curry :D Meat was cooked until tender and served in a sizzling clay thinggy (apa nama ek? kuali? mangkuk?)...

Fahsa - RM12.00 ... For me, it's quite expensive, tapi since bahagi 3, so ok la.
Meat quantity was so-so, but can eat la. Tak la kenyang tapi ok :)

Overall... each of us spent RM7.00. Not really a budget meal, but cheaper than eating the whole rice set... (tapi save RM1 je pon sorang... heheheheh). After eating, semua habis la of course... Alhamdulillaah.


Pon abish... kena penangan Malayu, Bangla dan Pak Iran :D

Night time... I was invited to another makan-makan session, courtesy of my roomate, labmate and good friend Mr. Ehsan Abbasnejad (bukan Ahmadinnejaad iye....). This time it was the Iranians who were cooking. And this time, it was free, Alhamdulillaah. They were doing something called Dholmeh/Dolmeh. Basically, it's stuff wrapped into grape leaves, and then cooked in a rice cooker. The taste was quite interesting and I must say that this was a first for me :) Overall, it was de very2 good. While portion size was not that big, the whole meal was very satisfying (no bloated belly, no angin2 etc.). Below are the pics :)

Pak-pak Iran chit chatting. They were all speaking Persian btw.
But of course, cakap English la dengan saya :)

Dholmeh/Dolmeh 1

Dholmeh/Dolmeh 2

Overall, Alhamdulillaahi Robbil 'Aalameen. I thank God for all the bounties he has bestowed upon me yesterday :) Kenyang perut senang hati..... Ok. Thanks for visiting iya. Assalaam aleykom WBT :D

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