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Similarity Check

Today, I will post something about my beloved family. It is meant to show the similarity between our kids and ourselves. I can surely say that my son, Nadeem Farhan has his mother's smile, which is good since my smile can scare away a wagon of wild tigers! But considering the power of the JENDUL... haaaa, it's safe to say that this boy is anak bapak. Skin-wise... Hmmm... Nadeem Farhan is still quite fair, yellowish sawo matang kinda skin. But we can never say as I too was fair when I was a kid. Some people even mistook me for a Chinese boy when I was delivered. Tapi takpe... I blame it on the hot Malaysian sun for what has happened to my complexion nowadays, which is sliiigghhtly on the darker side :) (Betul ke slightly.....?)

Nor Shazwan binti Mohamed and Nadeem Farhan bin Alfian

Nadiah Farhanah on the other hand... has the genetics of mata sepet from her mother's side :) Now that she's getting bigger, it seems like her mata sepet is becoming mata comel n mengancam. Hehehehe... Alhamdulillaah. Her smile, well... that one  think she got it from her mum :) Skin-wise... ok, now she's become a bit cokelat sawo matang... She used to be like Nadeem also, quite fair complexion. Tapi nak buek camno, maybe the dad's genes have taken over. Tapi takpe... hitam manis tetap menawan. Hehehehe. Ok... lastly, perangai-wise.... Hmmm... Jangan lah ikut ayah anak oiiii. Cuba ikut mcm mak kau tu, tertib sikittt... :] 

Alfian bin Abdul Halin and Nadiah Farhanah binti Alfian

Ok. That is all about the similarities that I can think of now. Kalau ada lagi similarities that I can think of, I will post them in another post which is to be posted when I feel like posting it, insyaAllaah :D Assalaam aleykom WBT, n tq for reading.

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