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Writing Thesis

It's tough enough to be an 'old' student... it gets even tougher when you have to write-up about the work u've been doing for the past 4- years! Really, I underestimated thesis writing. Now, I'm really2 feeling tired. The first draft ain't event out yet, but I only have till 6th of Feb @ USM. Then, I am going back to UPM - repot for duty (which btw i hope no class are assigned to me since i de balik after the semester has started).

So, that leaves me with another... 88-days to get things done. Hahahaha! Ok... 88-days ain't enough. I know I need at least (AT LEAST!) another 6-months. And tu pon the best case scenario. Tapi takpe... Let's hope all will go without much glitches, insyaAllaah.

Ish, what am I doing blogging! Tulis thesis... tulis thesis!!!


Peraih udang dari Zimbabwe said...

True mate, writing status is one of my stressful moments ever. The stress will always be with me until I sent the whole bunch alltogether, which is still a distance afar.

Tapi aku pun still ada urge untuk berblogging, sigh...

Alfian_Troxion said...

today the first draft is due (self imposed deadline actually). tapi tak siap gak. hahahaha! Hantar sahaja lah dulu apa yang ada iya.... :D

Anywayz... good luck to you too Mr Nabil on the writing part... :D

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