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Thanks, But No Thanks Mr Jack...

Slept in quite early (before 1:30 am, I think), so was able to wake up early, Alhamdulillaah. Since it was early (5:30++am), I thought I could make it to the Subuh prayers @ the masjid (amat2 jarang2 berlaku, but hopefully lebih kerap after this). Anywayz... was walking down the road from my hostel towards the masjid. The walkway is nice, and normally I'd see a few old Chinese men either walking or jogging at this time in the early morn. This morning, also I saw somebody who seemed to be a jogger... We crossed path, and from 3-4 meters away, he greeted me with "Good Morning!!!" ... owh, apek tua in his 60s rupanya... We had a chat...

Jogger: Good morning!!!

Alfian: Good morning :D

Jogger: What are you doing here? [yes, the question was almost this direct... but since he had a gleeful smile, layan saja la...]

Alfian: Owh, I am doing PhD here. Computer Science.

Jogger: Ok. So you will become lecturer and get better pay after this?

Alfian: I hope so, as long as my university doesn't come up with brand new policies. You never know...

Jogger: So you married? [Hmmm... ok. A valid question...]

Alfian: Yeah, two kids alerady. My wife's in Bangi btw. Finishing already, so she went back first.

Jogger: Wah, you can take it? 

Alfian: Hahaha... yeah. It's ok. Not that big a deal. I go back once a month when the 'economy' allows.

Jogger: How old are you?

Alfian: 33... going 34 this year (baru teringat dah masuk 2011...)

Jogger: Ok. Wah, you know you can go to Padang Kota Lama... you can find Indonesians and other foreign nationalities that can offer you sex you know.

Alfian: [Dalam hati.... Whattt??? But since this is not my first encounter with these kinds, was able to keep a straight face] ... Owh? Ya ka?

Jogger: Yes... you can also get other services there.

Alfian: [Showing interest while planning a get away] Owh, you mean we can get it for cheap over there?

Jogger: No laaah. You can get for free. These foreigners, they also want it whattt?

Alfian: Owh, ok... Hmmmm.....

Jogger: They also have these men, who offer you oral sex [while looking @ my crotch]

Alfian: [Crap, not these gay kinds again! Why can't I attract those hot chick types... hehehe...] Owh. Really? Hmmmm... [looking away]

Jogger: So, have you tried oral sex? [I am assuming he's asking about man-to-man type of stuff]

Alfian: Owh... no. I am a straight shooter :) Don't go for those kinds of things.

Jogger: Owh, really ah? You know you can get it over there [while also looking @ my crotch]

Alfian: [Aiya, plz stop looking there]. Owh, anywayz... I think I gotta go now. I need to be somewhere [while looking @ my watch, which has a light function]...

Jogger: Owh, where are you going?

Alfian: Over there, the mosque to do my prayers.

Jogger: Owh, ok then.

Alfian: Ok, nice meeting you Mr....?

Jogger: Jack.

Alfian: Ok. Nice meeting you Jack [dalam hati, Thanks, but no thanks Mr Jack]

Itu lah kisah di pagi2 kliwon hari Selasa ni. For a 60++ year old, he was quite fit. So I was kinda scared that he might tai-bo me into submission or something. Hahahaha! Maybe the wife (if he was once straight) can't 'deal' with him anymore, so now out looking for adventure. Aiya... I know these types of people exist, but never thought I'd really meet one in the flesh who openly keeps staring @ my zipper. Hmmm. Anywayz... I really2 hope I don't run into him again after this. If not, have to try and give karate and show disrespect to (this type of) elder.... Oraits :D Tq for reading iya. Assalaam aleykom WBT.


Konot said...


Alfian_Troxion said...

sangat sedis :[ tapi takpe. sib bek i wasnt "man-handled" :P

Mr Azwad said...

Dalam perjalan ke masjid, jumpa setan dulu :D

What's so great about your crotch hah? :P
Visible pelekat kot? Wahahahahahha!

sumpit said...

hahahaha, tu la dugaannya bila nak buat benda baik...
nasib ko tak terpedaya :D

Alfian_Troxion said...

Wad: I think there was a firefly there.... yeah. that's it... since I wasnt looking with him. hahahaha!

ET: Chaits... kok ye pon takkan la ku terpedaya dek a 63 y.o. man (i tink thats how old he said he was)... dengan gayish advance pulak tu... kalau terpedaya mmg aku tak tulis dah la blog entry ni.

Oyis said...

ntah2 mmg syaitonirrajim x pyan?

Alfian_Troxion said...

oyis: rajin setan tu gi jogging subuh2. hahahahaha! patut aa dia tak singgah mejid. as a matter of fact, it was exactly the opposite direction :P

Fernando said...

haha.. wah almost similiar cam cite setan jahat dlm majalah Asuh :) Great power come with Great Responsibility

Alfian_Troxion said...

hang ni dah gabung citer setan dengan citer manusia labah labah ni. nanti uncle ben saman pasal tak mintak kebenaran guna statement dia tu. kekeke

Ehsan said...

Hahaha. I think I know the guy, the one with the stick. I've had several encounters with him one of which about the same subject. Very similar dialog :D it gets very weird specially considering his age. I managed to run away (like you did) though. Salam alaykom ....

Alfian_Troxion said...

wah, yours had a stick? How many perverted old men are there wandering the streets of USM at pre-dawn time. hehehehehe

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