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Two big ones

Salaam to all. Alhamdulillaah, I was blessed with two biggies in the past two days.

Two nights ago, my roommate and good friend Mr. Ehsan Abbasnejad gave me a farewell dinner at Kampung Pelet. Of course, to save time and to get the best deal, we ordered the usual Nasi Beriani Paha Kambing [whose price has gone up a bit by 70-cents... now it's RM17.70]. To our amazement, I got a very big kambing portion! Gila babeng besar punya!!! I was like at a lost of breath after finishing the whole thing. Nasib baik nasik tak banyak, kalu tak sah2 dah tewas. Below are the pics [almost half the plate is filled by the massive meat!!!]

As you can see... this is a bapak kambing...
Normally there'd only be one bone left... Yang ni sampai 3 tulang lepas abis makan!!!

For the next biggie, it involves a trip to the middle of the ocean. Yesterday, went to Yan again. Fishing trip :) Went to sea, and hunted tengiri [Spanish mackerel]. Alhamdulillaah, overall we were blessed by the Ar-Razaq with 16 good-sizes mackerels, and also 4-5 others, namely the Dorado and Todak (Banang?). I was blessed with the biggest catch, weighing in at around 3.5-4 kilograms, I reckon. So that's the second biggie in two days :) Below are de pics.

The one I landed. If you look closely, there are some ikan bilis (anchovies?). This momma [think it's a she] was eating them when my bait 'swam' in front of her eyes.
The bait... bulu ayam...
The overall haul. One of the mackerels got 'khatam'-ed while being reeled in [the half bodied one in the pic]. An alu-alu (something like a barracuda) got mad and bit the poor fish in two. So tajam its teeth one... just cut like a razor!!!

In all, Alhamdulillaah for both the biggies. Dan dengan itu, sekianlah laporan mengenai the two things that help maintain my sanity during this ordeal we call a PhD :D Kambing and Ikan. TQ for reading iya. Assalaam aleykom WBT.


arin said...

tak penin ko mkn daging kamben besau gila tuh?

Alfian_Troxion said...

penin tak. tapi sampai breakfast esok pagi nye perut aku masih penuh. hehehe. lepas ni kena tobat makan banyak2 ni. kang kena penyakit kritikal.... :'(

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