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What did I do todayyyyy - there's an English nasheed by this name U know

Assalaam aleykom.

1. Bought some fishing stuff. In all, cost me RM28 (bought fishing line and some hooks). InsyaAllaah, me and the usual fishing crew are going out to sea... this MONDAY! Yeah, I know... it's a working day. But ok what, FISHING is 'work'... kira (kata) kerja la tu kan;

2. Stopped by at Giant Sungai Petani (Kedah). Bought a new small fishing box, one long-nosed plier, one metal line cutter and a pair of new ASADI rubber sandals. ASADI is making quite comfortable CROCS looking sandals nowadays. In all... around RM50;

3. Went to my friend's wife's cousin's wedding reception at this one hall in Sungai Petani. Yes, I know... even for him it's quite a distant relation. Ini kan pulak diri ini yang tumpang makan free. The food was great btw. And I got to sit at a VIP table!!! Anywayz, this is why I have strayed so far up north. You didn't think I was there just for the GIANT trip?;

4. Unplanned car wheel rotation (front go to back, back go to front) + wheel balancing and alignment. Cost me RM35. Buat dekat Bandar Perda. Not exactly 'on-the-way-back'. But I thought I should not go straight home to my asrama for there was nothing waiting for me there. The cina kedai btw said that Silverstone tyres are very2 noisy. I second that;

So that's it. Very2 uninteresting things (except the kenduri. again, the food was awesome!!!). But to a PhD student, this is like getting high at an illegal night club! Hahahaha! Anwyayz, tq for reading :D Assalaam aleykom WBT.


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