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First Real Day

Once more... I am on the stop smoking boat :) Sails a set... and off we go.
Today's gonna be a real bummer...
I bet the psychological cravings would be worse than the physiological ones. Haha!
Gotta keep strong by constantly asking for assistance from Allaah. That's the only way to go.


1st day...
One day at a time...

Parting ways 7-years after the wedding day...

It is sad. But it happens. Nothing lasts. Especially something like this. In a tumultuous world like this :( No one can foresee the future, nor can anyone foresee what holds beyond it. We can only pray that God gives us the best life we can hope for... We came together on the 8th. of August 2004. Now, after more than 7-years, we have to part ways :( It is sad... but this has to be done. 

As evil as the reasons maybe for my leaving you... I stand firm by my decision. Our time together is UP! You are too old now, too soggy... You cannot hold within you what I ask you to carry... what I ask you to conceal... what I ask you to help bring for the sake of the whole family. You cannot deal anymore with the plastics, paper and whatever 'rubbish' I 'feed' you... Although I realize most of this is my fault... still, we have to part ways. Even if you really had feelings, you would realize that what I say is true. I have to put you aside, to make way for 'someone' new... Please understand... 

But do not worry my dear. Even though I am cutting you off from my life... I will still keep you somewhere safe. Since you're one of the best 'ones' I've ever had thus far. The dark beauty of you insides, the coarse outer cover of your skin... all have impressed me much. For that... I will empty you... and put you in a box :) Now, I say bye bye to you bebeh. After more than 7-years of service, the Braun Buffel legacy has ended. Maybank sudah kasik gua redeem wallet lain pulak guna point yg pak pak arab tolong accumulate. Now dah jadik Charles Berkeley pulok. Hehehehe. So my Braun Buffel... I still love you. But I have to keep you in a box la from now on. You oredi nazak. But all your jasa, tetap akan dikenang dan kekal di dalam lubuk hatii kuuuuuu!!!!!!!  Sekian... Ma'assalaam :D

(Dramatik benau la pulak citer pasal wallet iye tuan?)

Within 2-weeks dah sampai lepas redeem kat Maybank2U. Dalam 30,000 treat points jugak 
kalau tak silap...

This is what I got... One wallet (belah kiri) and one card holder. Tapi yg kad holder tu pon mcm
boleh jadik wallet jugak saya rasa

Guarantee Encik Charles bin Berkeley

My old wallet... Braun Buffel. Served me for more than 7-years now. Hehehe. Hadiah
hantaran ni. Dah koyak2 pon. But that was my bad as I overloaded it with plastic cards :P

Belah dalam. Buleh tahan sedih gak le. Hehehe...

Exterior view of my new Charles Berkeley wallet :) Pengganti kepada Braun Buffel

Belah dalam dia pulok. Braun Buffel lagik banyak compartments... yang ni sikit je.
But that's ok considering I got it for 'Free'... Alhamdulillaah. Again, TQ also to the Pak Arabs
for all those online tickets!!!

Side-by-side komparison...

Zis is my vallet now... T'iz lookging good a bit, ya?

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